What age does The Growing Place provide care? 6 Weeks to School Age

When is Registration or How do I schedule a tour of The Growing Place and learn about pricing?

How Secure is The Growing Place and will my child be safe?

  • Entry request system on main entrances during hours of operations, system requires vocal and visual identification to enter the center from the main door.
  • First Baptist Church has the same security system on all external doors available to the public, this allows for an extra level of security.
  • Video monitoring at the front door.

Some care program classrooms are like musty hospitals. What is it like at The Growing Place?

  • Each classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate learning centers.
  • Floor to ceiling windows to provide for natural light and easy view-ability to children. Windows also include security screens.
  • Soft Lighting
  • Large classroom spaces for optimal space utilization.

Is The Growing Place limited to indoor space only or will my child be able to go outside?

  • Enclosed courtyard with outdoor learning environment.
  • Enclosed playground with 6-foot fence for security and safety.
  • Future outdoor learning environment through Shape NC.

My child has special nutritional needs. How will he be taken care of?

  • Full-Time Nutritionist on staff!
  • Weekly menus to meet your child’s dietary needs. This also allows for flexibility for special dietary needs.
  • Dining room that allows for clean environment.


What about rainy days? Will my child be cramped in a room every day the weather is bad?

  • As a part of First Baptist Church, TGP has access to a large gymnasium facility to provide indoor space for activities.
  • Space allows for large motor skill enhancement.
  • Recreation never stops, even if due to weather, this space allows for that.


Other Questions and Answers: For answers to many other questions such as Enrollment, Drop-off and Pick-up, Toiletry Mastery, Breastfeeding, Sample Weekly Menu, Proper Attire, Snow Closing Policy, SID’s Prevention, Payment Policy, Computer Use and more, please email kdavis@fbcasheboro.com or use the submission form within our site to receive a full Handbook of Policies.